Twist and Shout


Thousand people attend every weekend at their shows all around Italy. Their set is just pure entertainment. Now for the first time they will arrive in the beautiful beach of Rovinj for one show only! For the first time abroad, after the sensational selling out in all the most important cities of Italy, it comes to Croatia the event that changed the way of dancing of thousands people all over their country!

The advice still is: put on your best suit, polish your shoes , grab your partner by the arm and come to enjoy the most explosive show ever seen in town!

Sugar Daddy & Cereal Killers


Sugar Daddy & the Cereal Killers is a band born in Italy in 2009 and nowadays is one of the most active project of the “vintage” Italian scene.

They bring back to life the sounds and the scenic aspects of the American prohibition era.

The band re-enact 40’s and 50’s rhythm and blues style, with a mix of swing and rock’n’roll.

In 2014 the group recorded their first full length album “Easy Tiger!”.

From 2009 to nowadays the band count more than 200 gigs and the participation at some of the most important vintage festivals.


(Great Britain)

They are one of the cult rockabilly bands, the leaders of the rockabilly revival in the early 1980s, along with The Stray Cats. With their covers of hits by David Bowie and T-Rex, they even made it into the mainstream music charts. Even today, Polecats are a must-see for all rockabilly fans worldwide. Their guitar player, Mike Boz Boorer, is a well-known guitarist, music producer and co-author of Morrisey’s hits, and some of his hits were featured on American TV-shows.

Trio Valore

(Great Britain)

Trio Valore is a British trio with an authentic sound, inviting you to enjoy the music from the mid-1960s. The combination of dynamic beat and jazz reminds one of the greatest successes of Ramsey Lewis when he took the charts by storm, during the height of Beatlemania. Today we call it “mod jazz”. The Trio’s members add a special flair to their performance because they worked with some of the greatest pop-music artists. STEVE WHITE has collaborated with Style Council, Dr. John, Ian Dury, DAMON MICHELLA has worked with Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Page, The Who, and SEMUS BEAGHEN performed with Iggy Pop, Morrissey, Paul Weller, Supergrass and Madness...

Ray Collins Hot Club

This is an excellent German band which created its own style by mixing music styles from the 1940s and 1950s, swing, jive, jump blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and perfecting it. Ray Collins Hot Club are not just a musical, but also a club attraction and have often appeared in famous German films. This will be their first performance in Croatia.


A fantastic R&B and soul band from Barcelona, consisting of seven members, led by a singer with an uncanny resemblance to Tina Turner. This band offers true musical excitement. In the three years since their formation they have performed on top European festivals. Their main music inspirations are, of course, Ike and Tina Turner, Etta James and James Brown.

Good Fellas

Good Fellas are also known as the gangsters of swing and the kings of rockin’ swing. Dressed in old-fashioned Italian suits and shiny shoes, this seven-member band comes from the land of pizza and mandolins. This is a true swing band, performing songs from Just a Gigolo and Tu vuo fa L’Americano, up to Tickle Toe! Mixing Italian, American and African rhythms, following the melodies of the giants of the swing era, all the way up to Phillz houserock and Texas blues, they are guaranteed to give you a spectacular performance!

Montefiori Cocktail


Legendary brothers Kikko and Kekko are an easy-listening duo with a cult following and they are the leaders of the band Montefiori Cocktail. This is a band which evokes the memories of the 1960s, the music composed by Ennio Morricone, Burt Bacharach, Antonio Carlos Jobim and others, and they do it in a modern, funny and their own specific way. Their music was featured in films and on TV, most notably in the TV show Sex and the City!

Gelato Sisters


This is a new and attractive female trio, reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters, the legendary band of female vocalists. The standard swing tunes from the 1930s and 1940s, such as In the mood and Chattanooga Choo Choo are a staple on their repertoire. Their time is yet to come…

Billie and the Kids


Croatian rhythm and blues band, whose sound is based on the legacy of late '40s and early '50s black music and on music style from performers like Etta James and Ray Charles. Eight-member band, led by singer Billie brings us back to Memphis, New York and Chicago in the golden years of American history with its authentic approach.



A ten-member band calling themselves the true Las Vegas Show! They offer a quality mix of music that can only be heard on the stages of Las Vegas: from swing (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra), jive (Louis Primo, Louis Jordan), rock ‘n’ roll and twist (Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis), all the way up to mambo and calypso. The Croatian audience knows them as faithful guardians of Croatian music heritage, for which they received the Porin music award (for their album Samo jednom se ljubi).

B and the Bops


Croatian band which sound is based on rockabilly and 50’s rock and roll. This dynamic quartet is led by Mr. B, which presented himself to world’s rockabilly scene as leader of cult group “Mad Men”.

Benny and the Cats


This relatively new band was formed in 2012. They brought a breath of fresh air into the retro scene with their unique musical style, combining the sound of R&B, early rock and roll and the dance sound of the early ‘60s, thus by covering in their own, unique way the forgotten segments of this beloved period. Apart from their performances in their native Italy, they are also frequent guests in France.

Johnny and his Rockin' Tunes


This four-member band specialized in performing the classical and popular repertoire of the ‘50s. With great charm and success, they perform rockabilly, rock and roll and R&B. Their repertoire features heroes such as Bill Haley, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and others.

VIS Limunada


VIS Limunada sails through the late 1950s and the early 1960s. In their shows they revive the atmosphere of the European festivals and rivieras, as well as the movies like La Dolce Vita, Bonjour Tristesse and Ljubav i moda. The excitement of the schlager, early rock and beat music is permeated by the melodrama of youth dances. Combining different genres and singing in various languages, they term their musical orientation the Old Wave.

Dolce Vita 2014. proudly announces new performers this year who will shake Rovinj in the 50s and 60s rhythms! Along with awesome bands, the atmosphere will be raised even further by Dolce Vita’s DJs!





DJ Tomo Ricov


The pioneer of vintage scene in Croatia. He organized the first rock ’n’ roll party in Zagreb, in the mid-1980s. He was the editor and host of numerous retro radio shows, as well as club programmes, from the legendary Blue Moon in Kulušić to Pepermint Twist in Pepermint. He is the founder of the Dolce Vita Festival.

DJ Robert Mareković


He is best known for his radio shows on Croatian Radio 2, “Povratak u budućnost” and “Dolcevita”. At the legendary Blue Moon programme he established himself as a DJ. He has most often performed in Zagreb and München. He has also hosted the recent Pepermint Twist programme at club Pepermint, in the centre of Zagreb. His repertoire covers the 1950s, rockabilly, R&B, twist and the beat wave of the 1960s.

DJ Pierre


Girls watch out!!! The hottest strollers, wildest rhythm'n'blues and knee shakin' jivers will let every womans heart beat a little higher. When DJ Pierre La Qua is spinning the wax, the dancefloor is heating up! He is rockin and rollin the floors since more than 20 years with hot rhythm'n'blues, wild boppin rockabilly, groovin western swing, the jives of the der 40/50s and some unforgetable strollin' soul-tunes. When the dancefloor is starting to get crazy, be sure, it's Pierre!



Born in 1977, a year that Elvis died and punk exploded. He devoted his life to music at an early age and started maniacally buying rock 'n' roll records. Specialized in rockabilly, swing and rock'n'roll his DJ debut was at Gromka, Metelkova Ljubljana, Slovenia almost ten years ago. Since then he was responsible for the swing dance craze in Ljubljana and has dee jayed at more than 500 record hops in Slovenia as well as abroad (Norway, Croatia, Austria etc.). He is one of the resident DJs at Slovenia's famous rock club Orto Bar where he and his friends host Rock'n'Roll Saturday Nights every week. When he is not DJing he promotes rockabilly music, books bands and releases albums by bands such as EightBomb and The Bananas on his own record label Street13.



DJ Gogo plays all kinds of 50's and early 60's music (rockabilly, rock'n'roll, hillbilly, country, soul, rhythm and blues). For now he plays only from cd's and sometimes combines with vinyl. Usually he plays at all kinds of rockabilly and rock'n'roll parties in the region (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland etc.). Last year he played at Big Rhythm Rumble festival in Germany and he also plays every year at Tear It Up Festival in Croatia.

DJ Bronco


Started DJ-ing at the tender age of 16 in clubs in his home town of Zagreb, a year later had his own radio show and has been DJing ever since.

He started many club nights in Zagreb and also DJ-ed in Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Czech Republic, and many other places spreading the gospel of rock n’ roll.

This passionate record collector, music lover and all around party animal will get you skippin’ boppin’ jumping, jiving, strolling and shaking your ass to the rockinest tunes when he’s spinning the wax! Preeeacchh!

DJ Lucky


An Italian DJ who established himself as a musician and the founder of the world famous Good Fellas. Through his singing, Lucky Luciano has shown an affinity towards the swing standards of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Louis Prima, but he has expanded his repertoire to include original R&B, jive, jump blues and pioneer rock ‘n’ roll.

DJ Henry


He worked in radio program from approximately 1979.

In the mid-90s on Radio Popolare, he have conducted Shout! together with Gianni Del Savio, famous journalist of black music. Then for a decade, he worked at the Radio Lupo Solitario and now he works with “C’era Una Volta O Rei”, he is in charge of microphone every Thursday on Radio Milan Inter for a program that deals with the nostalgia, street life, subcultures and music associated with them.

He has performed on the DJ sets in the most important Italian clubs. He is also often invited from abroad to present his selections of sixties and fifties (London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, León, Athens, Larissa, Thessaloniki, Berlin, Frankfurt, Monaco, Munich, Nice, Zurich, Winterthur, Pula, Gothenburg).